About Kaplan DeVries Inc.

Kaplan DeVries Inc. is a small, highly specialized firm, dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the leaders of a wide range of American corporations.  Founded in the beginning of 1992, Kaplan DeVries Inc. employs veteran consultants with proven ability to work successfully with senior managers.


To increase the capacity of senior managers to lead effectively.  We are intent on making a noticeable and lasting difference.


In general, our strategy is to force issues constructively.  We take a high-leverage, data-driven, results-oriented approach.  We form collaborative, high-trust, and caring relationships with our clients.  And we work flexibly and innovatively to meet their needs; we customize.

Follow-through is always part of our work.  We are results-oriented.

We continually expand our repertoire by doing original research and development and by reflecting systematically on our consulting practice.


We work with senior management, starting with the CEO, of Fortune 500 companies as well as small companies, including start-ups.
















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